Sticking with New Year’s Resolutions
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Sticking with New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions have a reputation for not sticking for long and it’s no surprise, since it’s known that personal habits are tough ones to change. In fact, studies repeatedly show that though many of us have a list of resolutions for the New Year, the wide majority of us fail to see them through. So with that in mind, here are some helpful tips and strategies to make sure your New Year’s resolutions remain firm, so you can feel good all year long.

  • To begin, start with the easiest one first. The positive experience of achieving one of the goals on your list will give you the inspiration and motivation to continue on to the next one and then the next...

  • Choose lifestyle-related resolutions for long-term health. For many, the classic resolution to lose 7 kilos is a recipe for disappointment since the goal is just a number on the scale, rather than a commitment to your health for the long term. Choosing to set a goal which relates to improvements in lifestyle such as staying fit will not only motivate you, it will have greater value for your long term health.

  • Aim for gradual change. Remember that any change worth having is also worth implementing SLOWLY--this will give you better chances of enjoying success that sticks.

  • Tell your friends about your resolutions. Having a built-in support system will help you out when at times when you feel unsure and they will be there to cheer for you when you make it to the finish line.

  • Don’t give up if you fail. Punishing yourself for failure won’t bring you any closer to the goal – so if you don’t succeed the first time, go easy on yourself and start again.

  • Finally, when you meet your goal, reward yourself! Give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done – you deserve it.