Hydration Tips for the Whole Family
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Hydration Tips for the Whole Family

Proper hydration is essential for the health of your entire body, from your muscles to your immune system and is important every day throughout the year, regardless of the season. Here is a list of fun tips to help you easily incorporate adequate fluid intake into the everyday life of the whole family.

Travel wisely. When outside the house, remember to bring beverages with you, rather than waiting until you get thirsty, when dehydration has typically already set in. By bringing along your favorite drink, you can hydrate at a specific rate and better control the amount of fluids you are consuming. If you’re planning a day outside the house, be sure to bring a bottle of water or carbonated drink along with you for the road.

Eat your water. In the colder months, soups and warm veggie salads are another great way to supplement beverages in order to stay hydrated. In addition, sliced fruits and veggies make great snacks with their high water and nutrient content; veggies like multi-colored bell pepper strips and cucumbers are tasty and help keep you full, too- so enjoy munching on them throughout the day.

Variety is key! Most of us get bored with plain old water, but you can enjoy sparkling water in a variety of flavors and combinations – just be creative! Add some excitement and flavor to your daily fluid intake by filling a carafe with sparkling water; add a splash of your favorite flavor and toss in slices of lemon, oranges, berries, or cucumbers for a refreshing treat. For kids who refuse to drink enough, jazz up their waters and carbonated drinks by freezing berries into ice cubes and drop them in their drinks for a fruity surprise or pick a fun reusable carbonating bottle that your kids enjoy drinking from to make staying hydrated more fun.

For more information on how much hydration you need each day, we invite you to check out our hydration calculator.