The Benefits of Good Hydration
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The Benefits of Good Hydration

Proper hydration is indispensable for good health and well-being. Even moderate dehydration can reduce physical performance, cognition and alertness. When severe, dehydration can even be life threatening. Everything our bodies do – including all cell and organ functions - depends on water. In fact, water has been ranked by experts as second only to oxygen as essential for life, yet it is one nutrient that is most often overlooked!

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be out in the hot sun or doing major exercise to become dehydrated. In fact, the body’s fluids can just as easily be lost after a long day in a heated or air conditioned office building. The good news is that simply drinking a bit more of some your favorite beverages throughout the day can have a profound effect on your energy levels and concentration as well as a variety of body functions, some of which may surprise you. Here are just some of the incredible benefits your body experiences from maintaining optimal hydration:

Brain: Staying hydrated is the perfect way to beat brain fog – when you’re well- hydrated, your brain cells stay oxygenated, while even a 1% loss of body water can reduce concentration.

Cells: Our bodies need enough water to carry nutrients and oxygen to cells and to help remove toxins and other wastes. Dehydration impedes this process. Water also regulates body temperature and blood circulation.

Digestion: Adequate hydration aids in digestion and absorption of food and nutrients, keeping the digestive process efficient.

Protection: The fluids in our body cushion joints and protect tissues and organs, including the spinal cord, brain, from shock and damage.

Heart: Even mild dehydration can impair heart function, leading to palpitations, and an increase in blood pressure. And remember, its the heart that pumps oxygenated blood to each cell in our body.

Muscles: Hydration keeps muscles and joints hydrated, allowing us to perform daily activities with ease.

Skin: Some research has shown that staying well-hydrated even helps keeps skin supple and healthy.

For more information on how much fluid you need to stay hydrated each day, we invite you to check out our hydration calculator .