Eco-Speaker Series

SodaStream at IHA Housewares Show 2011


SodaStream's eco-exihibit at the IHA Housewares Show  in Chicago 2011, including comments by the eco-speaker guests.

Lisa Elkins on SodaStream


Lisa Elkins of 2 Point Perspective

Sarah Ippel on SodaStream


Sarah Ippel, founder of The Academy for Global Citizenship

Aaron Scott on SodaStream


Aaron Scott, product design professor at Southern Illinois University

Michael Alexander on SodaStream


Michael Alexander, one of the masterminds behind Conscious Planet Media

Jim Slama on SodaStream


Jim Slama, founder & president of

Craig Sieben on SodaStream


Craig Sieben, producer of the upcoming film Carbon Nation, with his son Ethan

Susan McPherson on SodaStream


Susan McPherson, senior vice-president at Fenton

Carl Boyd on SodaStream

Carl Boyd, product design professor at Columbia College