I hear gas escaping from the carbonator. Is this a problem?

Not at all. Normally after carbonating a bottle of water, there is a small amount of gas in the soda maker. The tilt of the bottle releases that gas as a safety measure. The amount of gas lost is not problematic, as this gas has already passed through the water as a part of the normal carbonation process.

If you hear gas escaping while you are carbonating your drink (i.e. while pressing the carbonating button) you may need to screw the carbonator more tightly to the soda maker. If the gas continues to escape continuously, this indicates that the sealing washer (the black rubber gasket inside the soda maker where the carbonator connects) is missing or damaged.

There is a spare washer located inside the soda makers on some, but not all models. We recommend you replace the sealing washer in your soda maker every 18 months to 2 years. Additional spare washers are available through SodaStream Customer Support.