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SodaStream Launches New “Fizz” Home Soda Maker at IFA Exhibition

Fizz Soda Maker
3 September, 2010
First Home Soda Maker with Patented, Innovative Fizz Chip™ Technology

SodaStream unveils the Fizz, the latest in its portfolio of home soda makers. The new model features the interactive Fizz Chip™ digital screen, a high-tech indicator designed to aid consumer understanding of their individual carbonation technique and usage.

Airport City, Israel – September 3rd, 2010 – Today at the IFA exhibition in Berlin, SodaStream has unveiled the Fizz, the latest in its portfolio of home soda makers.  The new model features the interactive Fizz Chip™ digital screen, a high-tech indicator designed to aid consumer understanding of their individual carbonation technique and usage.  The patented Fizz Chip displays the amount of CO2 remaining in the carbonator (which powers the home soda maker) and also shows the strength of carbonation -- or “fizz” -- in the drink (light, medium or strong).  This new technology enhances and adds value to the user experience in a manner never achieved before in the home carbonation industry.

“After three years of development, we are proud to introduce the SodaStream Fizz, bringing the category to a new level,” said Daniel Birnbaum, CEO of SodaStream.  “The Fizz offers a user experience breakthrough by helping to make homemade soda even easier.  The interactive Fizz Chip indicator lets the user see how fizzy their drink will be and also how much CO2 remains in the carbonator.  This helps the user know in advance that it is time to exchange their carbonator for a full one, or get an additional spare.  I expect that the Fizz Chip will become a standard feature in home carbonation.”

The SodaStream Fizz home soda maker is a countertop appliance designed with a modern, artistic style for a premium look, available in a variety of colors (white, black, green, metallic red and shiny blue) to fit any kitchen atmosphere.  With the Fizz Chip indicator, consumers will enjoy the dual-benefit of making sparkling drinks that are perfectly carbonated to their personal taste, while monitoring the level of CO2 in the carbonator.

SodaStream has joined forces with leading communications agency Grey London, and the world-renowned illustrator Mat Maitland, to create colorful, fun, inspired graphics describing the Fizz as “incredibubble,” “delectabubble” and “desirabubble.”  The global marketing campaign elements include TV, print, digital, 3-D video, and out of home media.  The Fizz will be available for purchase during the upcoming holiday season in several markets across Europe and is planned for retail distribution in the United States beginning Spring 2011.

See the Fizz Drinks Maker web site

Protecting the Environment: An Ideal Alternative to Pre-Packaged Drinks:

  • All SodaStream soda makers come with reusable bottles that last up to 3 years, offering a “green” alternative to the pollution and waste caused by the manufacture, transportation and disposal of billions of plastic bottles and aluminum soda cans each year.
  • Users of the Fizz and other SodaStream products can be proud that they are actively contributing to the preservation of the planet.

Other Benefits of Using SodaStream:

  • Convenience: No need to buy, carry or store large quantities of heavy and bulky bottles and cans.  SodaStream affords the user an ongoing supply of sparkling water and soda, freshly made from tap water in just a few seconds.
  • Variety: SodaStream produces a wide variety of over 100 flavors so that each family member can have whichever delicious sparkling drink they desire, whenever they wish, including Regular, Diet, Natural, and a “For Kids” line.
  • Customization: Make sparkling water and soda just the way you like them by controlling the amount of fizz and flavor, making SodaStream the ideal solution for the entire family's sparkling beverage needs.  And its lots of fun!
  • Value: SodaStream offers a great value compared to purchasing store-bought carbonated water and drinks.

About SodaStream

SodaStream manufactures home beverage carbonation systems, which enable consumers to easily transform ordinary tap water instantly into carbonated soft drinks and sparkling water.  Soda makers offer a highly differentiated and innovative solution to consumers of bottled and canned carbonated soft drinks and sparkling water.  Our products are environmentally friendly, cost effective, promote health and wellness, and are customizable and fun to use.  In addition, our products offer convenience by eliminating the need to carry bottles home from the supermarket, to store bottles at home or to regularly dispose of empty bottles.  We estimate that there are currently approximately 4 million consumers who regularly create a carbonated beverage using our system.  SodaStream products are available in 39 countries around the world.

About Grey London

We are 200 people, drawn from different marketing and media backgrounds, working together in a wonderfully open environment in Holborn, London. We do the lot: multi-channel, integrated, digital, above, through and below the line for a wide range of clients including Samsung, P&G, GlaxoSmithKline, Findus, Allianz, the British Heart Foundation, Ryvita, Santander, Dairy Crest and Toshiba.  We don’t believe in agency positionings. We do believe in making our clients both successful and happy. We believe we're better than most agencies at listening to what clients really want. Which means we're better at understanding the problem and getting to the most exciting and effective answer.