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SodaStream Completes Full Term of its Cage Exhibit in South Africa and Expands the campaign Worldwide

9 July, 2012
Calls for an “Un-bottle the World” Day on July 16

AIRPORT CITY, Israel - SodaStream today announced the expansion of its educational “Cage Exhibit” display worldwide, in conjunction with the kick-off of a campaign to help create an annual “Un-Bottle the World” day on July 16, aimed at rallying support against the dangers of plastic bottle pollution.

The Cage Exhibit is an environmental showcase highlighting the amount of plastic bottles and cans that an average family throws away over 3 years.  The contents used in the exhibits are removed from garbage dumps or other trash locations.  To raise awareness about the damages of plastic waste, SodaStream will unveil 20 new Cage Exhibits at international airports and other high traffic locations throughout the month of July, beginning on July 16.  Participating countries include the  US, UK, Italy, France, South Africa, Germany, Belgium, Japan, Canada, Norway, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Ireland, Israel, Switzerland, Slovakia, Sweden, Brazil and Australia.

A similar exhibit at OR Tambor Airport in South Africa recently provoked a strong reaction from Coca-Cola, who sent a “cease-and-desist” letter to SodaStream urging a removal of their products from the exhibit as it “infringes on Coca-Cola trademark rights.”  SodaStream refused to comply, noting that if Coca-Cola claimed ownership rights to the discarded bottles they should take responsibility to clean them up.  The OR Tambor exhibit ended its run as scheduled on July 8, while a virtual “Cage Challenge” was recently created on Facebook (click here), which attracted over 100,000 followers from 46 countries during the first week who supported the call to send used bottles “back to whom they belong.”

“We will not be silenced,” said SodaStream CEO Daniel Birnbaum.  “It is important to educate people about the damages caused by plastic bottle waste.  Now that we have completed the full term of the cage exhibit in South Africa, we want to continue showing people around the world what Coke does not want them to see.”

Birnbaum continued: “To those who believe recycling is the solution we say think again.  Every day approximately 1 billion plastic bottles end up in our parks, rivers and landfills, because less than 30% are recycled.  And recycling alone does not address the pollution and oil waste caused by the manufacturing and transportation of these products.  The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, reported by some sources to be as large as Texas or France evidences the danger we face by relying on recycling.  We hope that the big soda companies will take responsibility over their garbage, clean it up, and then reconsider their current bottling practices.”

 Some specific locations you will find the environmental cage in July 2012:

  • Heathrow airport, UK
  • JFK International airport, USA
  • Charles-De-Gaulle airport, France
  • Frankfurt Central station, Germany
  • Winnipeg International airport, Canada
  • Bratislava International airport, Slovakia